From its nonce villanelles to its Miami stornelli, Homage to Mistress Oppenheimer is a masterful display of linguistic dexterity and formal invention. This is writing that engages both the heart and the intellect even as it performs high-order poetic hijinks of the sort Richard Wilbur and Paul Muldoon would admire. A terrific book from a poet of depth and originality.  — Campbell McGrath

The virtues of this book—clarity of style, formal invention, imaginative depth—require little by way of explication. They are simple, and therefore profound—minor miracles become the stuff of major poetry. — Spencer Hupp, The Sewanee Review

Steve Kronen is a master of … a poetry in which the craft is deep and various …. Kronen’s embrace of traditional forms is both assured and innovative. ….a strong book, unfashionable in its artistic gusto and challenging in intellectual range.
Michael Hettich, The Florida Review

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